Faction: Solar System of Pirates

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Faction: The Future of Space in 6086

You have selected the Pirate Solar System. Named sutch because of the high percentage of space pirates that live there, this solar system is generally avoided by most explorers.

Base 1

According to legend, this was once a planet dominated by small and unintelligent life-forms. And that supposedly, those thousands of years ago, a rouge blissian had turned this planet into the dry, metallic monstrosity it is today. Others say it was built from scratch like Base 3. But all agree that it's location is very strategic. Being next to planet Pirace and the system's sun makes this a safe haven for pirates. It hasn't been attacked ever since the days of Captain Mortan.

Planet Pirace

Planet Pirace is named so because it has become the natural defence for the pirates. It is a mostly baren planet that shoots defensive spores into space. Although this mysterious "space fog" makes it hard to see, it still hides alot of what goes on on the planet's surface...


This was once considered the planet "Bracula". Tharians say it came from an ancient Coalian tounge that translated to "uninhabitable". The tharians corrected that oversite thousands of years ago. Now it's an entertainment planet. The tharians go here to have fun! Play games, make bets, hang out with girls, or just relax.


The home planet of the tharians, this planet is loaded with weapons, industrial buildings, and other some-sutch things you'd expect a race of pirates to fill their planet with. However, it is much like Neplusultra in that people actually call it home. In fact, two out of three stay on tharia and never become space pirates! There are many an innocent person who live here.


This planet was populated by it's inhabitants long before the history books can track. They keep insisting that they were the only ones in the solar system when along came the tharians. Coal is very dark. It's surface is made of coal, hence it's name. The inhabitants have their own language and their own name for their planet. They call it "Cherice". But the more industries grew, the more these people were forced to call it "Coal" and learn the common language of the tharian/neplusultran people.

Base 2

This planet is pretty much an outpost. Small in size, but useful enough, the Coalwren (People of planet Coal) built several military bases. It has since turned into a base for the tharians by permission of the Coalwren. Nobody is sure why seeing as how the Coalwren aren't very fond of anyone but their own race. Particularly tharians...

Base 3

A legend with a recorded (and recent) history, Base 3 is merely a few thousand years old. Although anyone who has access to a library knows exactly the year it was made and who built it, there are still many mysteries about it that NOBODY knows. It was built by a blissian who intended to make a factory to end all factories. It would be the ultimate hospital, military hardware, research laboratory, etc. Now it serves as a gigantic ship the size of Coal that can pretty much fend off any attack force. But it is still stationary. Scientists wish to find out if it ever obtained the ability to travel... or if some legends are true.

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