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Faction: The Future of Space in 6086

You have selected the "F.A.Q" section. This area is reserved for questions asked to the Faction crew about characters, storylines or plots throughout the Faction Universe.

Why is Tom blue? Did he eat too many blueberries?

Tom is blue because he was born that way. Kind of like Sonic the Hedgehog. Earth hedgehogs (and Earth cats) are not blue, but Sonic lives on Mobius and Tom lives on Neplusultra. I guess that makes Tom and Sonic aliens from outer space! How old is Tom?

Since age always changes with time, I like just giving birthdays. But in Tom's case, he doesn't run on our calandar. So I'll give the following info: Tom was born in the year 6080 and became the captain of the Niven in 6100. That makes him 20 when the whole captain thing starts. However, to avoid this question on other charcters, I'll probably put up everyone's birthday in the biographies section of the page. The year 6096 referrs to A.D.? If so, how did the people of "faction" start counting from the birth of Christ... unless the neo system is in fact our solar system 4000 years in the future.

(Sunmitted by Chris Fewell)

It isn't. This really IS the galaxy known as "Norus". Known to us as the "Triangulum Galaxy", Norus is NOT the Milky Way. To learn more on this go to the history section. But, of course, there are more technical questions about the history sutch as the next one... weren't the centurians primarily human? how do you account for the divercity of the tharians/ rarity of the human race?

(Sunmitted by Chris Fewell)

First of all, the centurian forces of the war were primarily anthropomorphics seeing as how the humans who engineered them used them as cannon fodder. Much like there are six pokemon to every human, the ratios worked out... Your question here.

My anwer here.
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