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You have selected the "Background on the galaxy Norus" section. This place explains a bit of the fictional history of the "Fation" universe.

Thousands of years ago, the Earthlings finally found a way to travel to their nearest star (around 2500 AD). This discovery was great and all, but grander was the fact that they were capable of colonising the planets that were there. They had already colonised Mars, Uranus, and Neptune, so they knew how! A couple hundred years later, the great united nations were headed for another "down slope" like in the late 20th and early 21st century. But the colony on the new planets at Alpha Centauri was doing very well for themselves continuing in technology advancement.

Meanwhile, back in 2656, the Centurians (the new colony on Alpha Centauri's planet was called the Century colony) had finished their research on genetic splicing. The result was very successful. They accomplished their goal. They no longer needed to splice genes anymore since they managed to make compatability high among the anthropomorphic people. A half-cat could reproduce with a half-dog so long as their other half was that human half. Still... they were slaves of their creators.

It was around the 28th century that a scientist discovered a warp in space. When he went to check it out, he disappeared for a year. But he returned to report about a whole other galaxy that this "gateway" led to. The galaxy we know as the Triangulum Galaxy was known by it's inhabitants (the Aqulans, barrakians, and the Zarxians) as the "Norus" Galaxy.

It was around that time that the anthros finally broke their chains with the aid of some human friends of theirs. They stole some colony ships that were headed for Procyon as well as some war ships and went through the portal. Then they left the war ships to gaurd the warpgate while they began a new colony on the life-supporting planet "Neplusultra".

In the year 2923, there was a huge war between the Centurians and the Neplusultrans and all kinds of chaos ensued on Neplusultra. The Aqulans developed a "gate sealer" and closed the warp gate with it. The inventor got assassinated and thus the technology was lost. The war raged on until the centurians that were stuck on the "Norus" side fled to a nearby star with several planets. Some aliens came to their defense and the Neplusultrans retreated.

The place the centurians fled to became known over time as the Pirate Solar System because the centurians kept attempting to steal things from the Neplusultrans. It was only a matter of centuries before the population of Neplusultra got large and created a strong and civilised society.

As the centuries passed, the two factions grew in number and technology. Both of them forgetting their history, because they never bothered telling their children. And even those children who were told, neglected to carry on the history. History books weren't written until the new Neplusultran empire known as the "Federation" was founded around 3118 and new calendar system had been developed (after all, they were on a different planet). The same happened on the planet Tharia where the centurians had settled. But instead, their developement was called the "Tharian empire" and, for obvious reasons, hey used a different calendar system.

It wasn't until 3120, two years after the federation was founded, that the feds clashed into the tharians as an actual face off. Before, the tharians would only steal while hiding in the shadows. But they became more bold. The name "Centurian" quickly faded with the dawn of a new war that would last for millenia to come...

A couple hundred years into the war, the space travel had been updated to the point where traveling to other stars was a matter of a day's ride! Still, there was a mysterious "border" keeping everyone within the star cluster. It was like a galactic "burmuda triangle", though nody knew to use that term. So space exploration, though fast, was limited to so many light years and no further.

The feds had developed into a rather complex, organized, military police. They were there to ensure peace throughout the galaxy. In the year 3547, Captain Morton of the Niven (the main starship of the federation. Faction's equivelent of the USS Enterprise from Star Trek) set off on his first mission and had the intent of bringing down the tharians for good! Right... like THAT would happen. He came close, though. He struck deals with shadey people and got many key tharians behind bars. Still, he was the first major hero in the federation's history and was thus a required learn in history classes from then on.

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