Faction: Solar System of Science

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Faction: The Future of Space in 6086

You have selected the Solar System of Science. This was the home system of the blissians. It was called the system of science because it's soul purpose was as a blissian research development.

Mercury II

The blissians kept it secret from everyone else as to why this planet was called "Mercury II", namely because they don't wish to discuss the nature of "Mercury Prime". All they will say is "That planet is much like Mercury Prime. That's one of the reasons it is named after it."


This planet was used as a sort of "green house" for most of the blissians' biological experiments.


Home of the blissians who claimed this solar system, this is where a LOT of research in technology goes on. Bliss was loved and respected by most as it was the source of happiness and had a sort of "Golden Age" feel about it.

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