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Faction: The Future of Space in 6086

You have selected the other planets of "Faction". This is where I will tell you about some of the more significant planets in the "Faction" series. There are others that I will not tell about in this spot sutch as a planet that's featured in two episodes and has great significance in Rocky's life, but for now, have a preview of comming attractions!

Planet Gog

Episode 16 of the explorer series (Faction: Tom the explorer) features this planet. It is a planet with monsters on it. At first, one might say "Well THAT was complex" out of pure sarcasm, but I intend to make it fun. Trust me [_]

Lone Planet

A planet with signs of there once having been a civilisation that died off. Tom discovers this planet and ... now why would I have a whole episode (much less two episodes) on this planet? I guess you'll find out when the time comes.

Desert Planet

This planet features an arabian type people who are in a civil war. As it's name indicates, it is mostly composed of sand dunes and other sutch desert features.

Circus Planet

Featured late in the series, the Circus planet was meant to be an everlasting carnival for the neplusultrans. Kind of the neplusultran version of the tharian planet Tavern.


Email me with an idea for a planet and it could wind up in the comics (Or the actual animated cartoon if ever that happens)! At the least, I could set up a fan section. I also encourage fan made characters.

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