Faction: Solar System Neo

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Faction: The Future of Space in 6086

You have selected the Solar System Neo. Neo is the home system of my main faction character Tom. Other faction heroes are born in this system also.


This planet is where most people in "faction" are born. It has the largest number of species in all the "faction" universe.


This unique moon is considered a planet by some and a moon by others. It orbits both Neplusultra and Zarox. It is also a major source of energy.


Zarox can be seen easily in the skies of Neplusultra and is identified from it gold color. Following Neplusultra perfectly, Zarox's years, seasons, and even days are all the same length as Neplusultra's. But Zarox is angled sutch that it does not block the sun. Eclipses with Neplusultra and Zrox blocking each other from sun-light is impossable.


Home of a warrior race known as "barrakians", Barak is always filled with war. It's surface is red. The air is breatheable. It's inhabitants are proud people.


A planet made completely of water. It's inhabitants are known for their very high life-span expectancy. Some are rumored to have been around from before the colonisation of Neplusultra. The inhabitants, though great in mind, are weak in body.

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